The Kryptotel secure VoIP app is free to download but the calls are charged. Please see below for the different call rate packages.

Pay as you go

USD15 cents

For Kryptotel to Kryptotel Encrypted Calls

  • Call rate per minute

Flat Subscription


Unlimited Encrypted Kryptotel to Kryptotel Calls
Unlimited Kryptotel to Normal Phone Calls*

  • Monthly Subscription

(*)Subject to Fair Usage Policy. Click here to check our Fair Usage Policy.

Call Rates for Black Out Calls - Kryptotel to normal phone numbers

The price of the calls to normal phone numbers are different by country and prefix and usually they are cheaper than Skype-Out calls. Please check here the price list of the “Black Out Calls”.

iOS Pricing

Please check our detailed pricing for using Kryptotel App on iOS.