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Kryptotel Secure VoIP App is compatible with iOS

Kryptotel secure VoIP is an encrypted VoIP mobile application available on iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. With Kryptotel secure VoIP application on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, users can make encrypted audio and video calls, send encrypted instant messages. It also has a multi-party audio conference feature. The application can be downloaded from Apple App Store.

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Kryptotel secure VoIP solution uses a higher grade of encryption. Stronger encryption 8192 bits RSA + AES 256, and many other security features are used to secure the communication.

  • Kryptotel secure VoIP app enables you to make encrypted audio calls.
  • The latest feature of Kryptotel VoIP app is encrypted video calls.
  • With our Black Out feature you can make encrypted calls to person who doesn't have Kryptotel app on the device.
  • Higher Grade of Encryption with RSA 8192 bit
  • With Kryptotel it is possible to make multi-party audio conference. Up to four persons.
  • You can send and receive encrypted instant messages through Kryptotel secure VoIP app.
  • Kryptotel allows you to drop voice mail in case the person you called is not available. Voice mail will be stored in an encrypted container.
  • ZRTP Protocol used for additional security

Kryptotel Secure VoIP App Features

How it works?

  • Download Kryptotel app on your iPhone or iPad
  • First one week after installation
  • Your Kryptotel number is shown on top
  • Dial Kryptotel number of the person you want to call
  • Press Secure Call button
  • Encrypted call will be placed & Green lock will appear on screen
  • This app works on any Internet connection - WiFi, Mobile Internet, etc

All you communication with Kryptotel is encrypted. Make encrypted Audio & Video calls, send secure instant messages with Kryptotel's secure VoIP.

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