Kryptotel Secure VoIP Features

Kryptotel secure VoIP is an encrypted mobile application aimed at providing a user encrypted communication. Below are the features.

Secure your communication with Kryptotel


Encrypted Communication

All the communication, between two devices with Kryptotel app, is encrypted. Be it instant messages, audio or video calls, audio conferencing - all of it is encrypted and secured with a military grade encryption.

Using a Kryptotel app, you can share images, audio and video clips, and also PDF, XLS, Doc file types.

Upon installing Kryptotel secure VoIP app on your device, you are provided with a unique number (just like a phone number). When you want to make an encrypted call to other person with Kryptotel app, you need to dial his/her Kryptotel number.

In case the other person is not available to pick the call, it will be redirected to his/her voice mail. The voice mail will be stored in an encrypted container and only the actual recipient will be able to listen to it. The voice mail can be listened only through a Kryptotel app which uses account authentication method and decrypts the recorded message. To access your voice mail you need to dial toll free number 444 and keep digit 1 pressed for few seconds, the easy to use IVS will guide you to read, store and cancel your voice mail.


Kryptotel App protects your privacy at the maximum level, below is the summary of main security features adopted:

Asymmetric Encryption based on RSA certificates and private Key long 8192 bits. Such key length derives from military requirements, in the commercial world the longer keys are 2048 bits. For example any on-line banking system is using RSA 2048 bits.

Symmetric encryption based on AES 256 bits, this is the longer key usable with the well know AES cipher. For your knowledge many on-line banking system are using AES 128 bits and only a few AES 256 bit.

Digital signature based on SHA512, it means signature long 512 bits instead of the usually 128 bits. True random number generator for the session key (additional randomness feed from camera and touch screen). Flat Voice codec to avoid any attempt to decrypt the talking based on the amount of bit transmitted. User data fully encrypted with your access password to be resistant to any forensic analysis. Full encryption of voice, text messages , photo,video,files attached and setup data. Audio-firewall to stop any listening to your microphone from other programs during the talking session. Certificate pinning, it does mean that the RSA certificates cannot be forged even from governments agencies. We don’t trust the system of public recognised Certification Authorities and Kryptotel uses only its own certificates. Encrypted Voice Mail always based on AES 256 bits. Additional security even when calling a normal phone number (Black Out Call).


Black Out Calls

If the receiving party does not have a Kryptotel App, encrypted calls are still possible with our fantastic “Black Out” function, that allows our users to dial/call regular telephone numbers.

The call is encrypted and safe up to the interconnection point with the regular telephone network (border gateway).

From that point on the calling number is randomly set with a different number for each phone call. By continously and automatically changing the calling telephone number it will be impossible for anybody to tap or intercept your telephone, because as said earlier, for every call you will be assigned a different telephone number. Furthermore this number is not linked with your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) therefore it will be absolutely impossible to trace your identity. The app shows an orange locker to advice you about the partial encryption used because you are calling a normal phone number.

In order to have an even higher level of security the calls enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points scattered in all 5 continents together with millions of other calls.

Please Note: The “Black out” function does not exclude the possibility of intercepting the number you are calling. In this case the call could be listened to, even though your identity will still not be traceable. This is why we call this function a “BlackOut” it guarantees excellent privacy if you are the target of the interception, but it cannot guarantee the absolute privacy that Kryptotel’s services offer when both parties are using Kryptotel Voip App. Our cost of calling regular telephone numbers is 30% cheaper than current costs applied by Skype. In order to call a regular telephone number all you need to do is enter the international country code for the number before dialing the actual number (ex: 001-USA; 0039-Italy; 0044-UK). Example for the USA dial 0013477276828 or +134772726828.

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