Kryptotel's secure VoIP solution is for smarter people who want secure their communication with a higher grade of encryption

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Kryptotel Secure VoIP App

Kryptotel secure VoIP is an encrypted VoIP mobile application which uses military grade encryption based on RSA 8192 bits & AES 256, and many other security features to provide maximum privacy to its users.
With Kryptotel secure VoIP application, users can make encrypted audio and video calls, send encrypted instant messages.
It also has a multi-party audio conference feature. This application is currently available on iOS and Android.

Why use Kryptotel Secure VoIP?

  • Telephone companies keep record of telephone call data (calling number and number called) in their archives for over 10 years. Kryptotel doesn’t transit through the operators public telephone switches but uses Internet connection encrypting the content safely without leaving any trace or the possibility of recording any of the data (the caller or the called). Even with the “Black out calls” the caller ID is changed for every call.
  • Call tapping for private investigation purpose and for commercial competition/illegal industrial espionage leads to 5% of the world's population to be listened to during private conversations.
  • Kryptotel secure VoIP app has been designed keeping in mind the business persons who want to secure their communication to safeguard their company's communication and activities. Spying on competitor companies to industry secrets common for contract hackers.
  • Calls to normal phone numbers from Kryptotel app is way cheaper than popular VoIP apps like Skype. This saves you money while traveling.
  • No roaming costs when you travel. Kryptotel app works all over the world, even at places where other VoIP apps are blocked.
  • Kryptotel secure VoIP app is for every person who is concerned about his/her privacy.

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